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We will always strive to give you the very best in restoring your vehicle to Hollywood condition! We'll work within your budget and deductible.

Call us at 317.846.6560 or click here to schedule your vehicle repair estimate today!

Jeff has been in the business for over 39 years, restoring vehicles to pristine condition. As Jeff was growing up as a kid, he always was tinkering around in cars, had a passion for fixing cars and painted his first car when he was 16 and the love for painting, restoring, body work began. Since then, Jeff has always stayed in the restoration vehicle business. One thing that stands out for Jeff was the ability to exceed the expectation of the customer with quality work. Jeff has been praised by many of his customers for his thoroughness, attention to detail and always delivering on what was promised: restoring the vehicle to outstanding quality and craftsmanship. Contact Hollywood's Bump & Grind Collision Center today to get back on the road to full vehicle restoration.


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Tip of the Month

door dingIt's the heat of summer!  With all the warm weather in Indiana coupled with some torrential rain storms we've been experiencing, it all leads to a recipe for your tires going over potholes, nicks on your front bumer due to road construction, and the usual door ding at Kroger or Marsh parking lot.  Stop by or call us to setup an appointment so we can smooth those bumps and nicks out for you and if need be repaint portions of your exterior. Call us today at 317.846.6560!

I came out of a restaurant after a great lunch with a client and much to my dismay, I saw that my Lexus GS 350 had been backed into by a huge vehicle with a trailer hitch.  What made it more frustrating is that the person never left a note claiming responsibilty for it.  I took my car to Hollywood's Collision Center and worked with Jeff to get my car restored.  The final result, the GS 350 looked even better than when I first purchased it!  Thanks to Jeff and Hollywood's Collision Center for restoring my car to even better shape!   ~Tony
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